Commercial Clearing

Commercial Clearing

At Arborman our pride and joy is our 21 inch, whole tree chipper, the biggest in Western Australia. We are the only tree lopping company in WA with this size whole tree chipper making it highly desirable in commercial clearing. Being able to mulch whole trees up to 21 inches without the need for trimming means that we get the job done fast and at a competitive price.

To save money on your land development  get a quote from Arborman. An effective way to quickly clear the property – no more waste dumping fees!

To complete the clearing efficiently we have our fleet of machinery and vehicles –

  • 8 Tonne Truck
  • 20 Cubic Metre Chipper Bin
  • 21 inch Chipper
  • 16 Metre Cherry Picker
  • All Climbing & Rigging Equipment
  • Bobcat
  • Posi Track and Forestry Mulcher Attachment
  • Hiab

When the block has been cleared we can return the chips to you as mulch and leave on site for landscaping use or haul the chips away leaving a fully cleared block ready for earthmoving equipment.


Tree pruning is important in the development of a tree with a strong structure and desirable form...

We also specialise in Tree Clearing. If you need a block of land cleared of trees then we can do it...

We have the largest Whole Tree Chipper in WA on hand allowing us to knock down the biggest of trees...