As qualified Arborists we can tidy up your tree to enhance the look of your property without the need for the tree to be removed. We carefully choose which limbs and branches to remove from your trees to retain not only its strength but its beauty as well. Incorrect pruning can lead to weakening of your tree so as certified Tree Surgeons we are fully aware and careful to prune branches that will keep your tree strong and safe.

Perth’s hot and dry summers can bring danger to our homes. If you are concerned about dry trees and leaves close to your home it may be the time to get Arborman to do some surgery to reduce fire risk around the house.

We can undertake pruning to assist your trees by removal of deadwood or diseased timber.  It is always important to keep branches clear of power lines for either fear of bringing them down during a storm or fire risk during summer. Perhaps your tree just needs some aesthetic pruning or canopy thinning we have the expertise to get the best result.